Stellar Fridge magnet

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Fridge magnet with the Stellar cryptocurrency logo


Stellar fridge magnet

Stellar fridge magnet

A fridge magnet with a Stellar cryptocurrency logo printed on it

Round fridge magnets with cryptocurrency logos - they will add character to every refrigerator and enliven the kitchen. Many different designs will also make children have a lot of fun in laying magnets. Full-color print, additional coverage with a laminate that protects the magnet from dust, moisture, scratches, and gives it an extra shine. The back side is completely covered with a magnet.


Weight 45g
Diameter 58mm
Colour white
Material aluminium
Cryptocurrency Stellar

Stellar? What is that?

Stellar allows you to connect banks, payment systems and ordinary people through your own network. The main intention of the developers is the ability to send money cheaply around the world. The network consists of servers servicing Stellar Core, which give the possibility to integrate financial entities with the entire network. This is done by integrating the company's systems with the Stellar network. Cryptocurrency is also well suited for micropayments thanks to the very low cost of a fraction of a pound. A type of protocol called Stellar Consensus Protocol is implemented here, which aims to create a network where decentralization, flexible trust in network participants or consensus between servers (network users) will take place in a few seconds. This communication is ongoing. Stellar's goal is also to allow payments in any currency without additional costs. There are so-called anchors, that is users who have a special priority and can create loans (release assets) which is the basis of the network. In addition, Stellar allows you to create smart contracts between parties, create a trust account or release your own ICO. The financial entity must contact the lead team about the possibility of integration with the Stellar system.


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