NEO Acrylic Keyring

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Acrylic key ring with the NEO cryptocurrency logo


NEO acrylic keyring

NEO acrylic keyring

Acrylic keychain with NEO cryptocurrency logo

Keychain in size of 40x40mm is made entirely of acrylic - a lenticular shape further emphasizes the logo of cryptocurrency. You can attach your own bunch of keys to the metal 25x25mm pendant, which will accentuate your interests


Weight 100g
Size 40x40mm
Material acrylic
Cryptocurrency NEO

NEO? What is that?

Neo is a blockchain project that is playing a key role in transitioning the world to a smart economy through the use of disruptive technology. Its infrastructure is an open source network that allows for the digitalization of physical assets and the creation and execution of smart contracts to manage these assets on the blockchain. It has attracted the name of “China’s Ethereum” due to the striking similarities it has to the number one altcoin. China as a nation has imposed strict regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies, but it appears to have taken a divergent turn to throw its weight behind NEO. Up until June 2017, NEO was referred to as Antshares. The switch to the name NEO was a milestone event that served as a tool to give NEO a global look, NEO means novelle or new. As of July 2018, the total market cap of NEO was at $ 2.537B, placing it at position 12. The current price of the coin is at $39.02, a significant drop from $160 at the peak of the bull market in January of 2018. NEO uses blockchain technology to identify, digitize and self-manage digital assets within a distributed network with the aim of achieving a smart economy. Using the multifunctional NEO blockchain, users can register, identify and trade digital assets.


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