Lisk Acrylic Keyring

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Acrylic key ring with the Lisk cryptocurrency logo


Lisk acrylic keyring

Lisk acrylic keyring

Acrylic keychain with Lisk cryptocurrency logo

Keychain in size of 40x40mm is made entirely of acrylic - a lenticular shape further emphasizes the logo of cryptocurrency. You can attach your own bunch of keys to the metal 25x25mm pendant, which will accentuate your interests


Weight 100g
Size 48x48mm
Material acrylic
Cryptocurrency Lisk

Lisk? What is that?

Lisk is a cryptocurrency built on a blockchain with programming abilities built into it. The goal of Lisk is to create an entry point for skillful programmers. They intend to do this by allowing programmers to build their own blockchain applications using Lisk.


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