Decred Leash

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Leash with printed cryptocurrency Decred logo


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Decred Leash

Leash with printed DecreddeCRED logo

High quality leashes with cryptocurrency logos. White background, colorful print, detachable bottom, phone pendant and carabiner - everything that makes a leash reliable and useful, but also expressive. It does not restrict movement and is great for carrying keys or ID cards. Thanks to the sublimation printing method, the print is embedded in the tape, thanks to which it acquires durability and resistance to wiping. In larger quantities, our leashes will be perfect as gifts, for events and trainings.


Dimensions (length / width) 530mm/20mm
Colour white
Material polyester
Cryptocurrency Decred

Decred? What is that?

The blockchain, which first came to prominence with an atomic swap last year, has combined bitcoin’s Proof of Work with the more-recent Proof of Stake to devise a new approach. “There are problems with both systems,” explains Jake Yocom-Piatt, project lead at Decred. As an example, he points to PoW’s sovereignty problem, in which critical decisions are taken by a minority rather than a decentralized majority. “To right the ship, we have done both (algorithms),” he says. Decred is arguably the first cryptocurrency to combine the benefits of both PoW and PoS consensus systems on its blockchain.


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