Cardano Pin

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Aluminium pin for clothes with the Cardano cryptocurrency logo


Aluminium pin Cardano

Cardano Pin

Aluminum badge with Cardano cryptocurrency logo

The metal pin is perfect to decorate your clothes.

Are you a fan of cryptocurrencies and want to promote them? You can simply show your support for the idea of ​​digital money. There are several designs available that represent the most popular cryptocurrencies. Lightweight, but solid construction means that each piece will serve us for a long time


Weight 40g
Diameter 48mm
Buckle safety-pin
Colour white
Material aluminium
Cryptocurrency Cardano

Cardano? What is that?

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain project and a cryptocurrency with open source code. Cardano develops a platform for smart contracts, the purpose of which is to provide more advanced features than any previously developed protocol. This is the first blockchain platform that evolves from a scientific philosophy and a research-based approach. The development team consists of a large global team of experts, engineers and researchers from around the world. Using the groundbreaking Proof of Stake algorithm, Ouroboros, the IOHK team used an approach based on peer-reviewed academic research to build Cardano from scratch. Cardano presents itself as the best-constructed cryptocurrency that combines disciplines such as distributed systems, design mechanisms and cryptography. The result is the first cryptocurrency to be based on the Haskell code - a product with high industrial strength, which provides the necessary flexibility for critical systems, in this case securing the project.


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