3x Bitcoin NoN Stickers

VAT included

Square sticker with printed sign Now Or Never !!


Square sticker with printed sign Now or Never 

Glossy, high-quality stickers on self-adhesive foil available in sizes 3x3 and 5x5 cm. A simple way to accentuate your interests. Sold in a set of 3 pieces.

Specifications :

Dimensions 3x3cm or 5x5cm
Colour orange and white
Material self-adhesive paper
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Bitcoin? What is this?

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new type of money using peer-to-peer technology. There is no owner or central control - all users are equal, unlike, for example, the universal banking system, where the client-manager relationship occurs. The source code of the currency is open and available to everyone. Transactions are made without intermediaries such as banks and are instant. In addition, they can be sent to anywhere on earth with access to the Internet. Due to the fact that every participant is equal in the peer-to-peer network, no one can block funds, such as at a bank or other financial institution. Only the person who has the private key has the funds at their disposal - no one else is able to complete the transaction, only the owner. It is also not possible to reverse a transaction - once received Bitcoins cannot be taken away from us. The number of coins is limited, so there is no way to "print money" like most other currencies. However, they are produced gradually and their supply gradually decreases.

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