Keep Calm Profit Mug

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Ceramic mug with sign Keep Calm and Take Profit !!


Ceramic mug with sign Keep Calm and Take Profit 

Whether at home or at work, every moment is good for a cup of aromatic coffee or warm tea. That is why we offer our new, unique product for Traders. They will be perfect both at home and in the office, intriguing colleagues and maybe even start investing in the stock market and you will be intrigued by the topic of trading and why you should try. The intense color print, 330ml capacity and a variety of designs will ensure that everyone will find something for themselves.

Specifications :

Capacity  330 ml
Colour  white
Material porcelain

Who is a trader?

Trader means in Polish the investor who invests (or how it is mistakenly: "plays") on the stock exchange. The subject of investor's activities are financial instruments that can be very diverse. They include stocks, indexes, corporate and treasury bonds, ETFs, TFIs and many, many more. The trader's investments are carried out mainly through a brokerage house (except for buying raw materials, e.g. gold or platinum, in physical form), which is often a corporate bank, but not always. A trader should have, above all, a strong psyche, because investing in the stock market is not a stress-free occupation. This is especially evident with leveraged financial instruments, i.e. those using leverage, such as the Forex inter-currency trading market. People who are able to sleep peacefully wearing an instrument with a 1: 100 leverage are rather the most composed people in the world.

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