10x Bitcoin Anti-stress balls

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The anti-stress ball is the perfect gift for people exposed to stress - it will allow you to unload negative emotions.


Bitcoin Antistress ball

10x Anti-stress ball Bitcoin

10x Antistress ball with orange Bitcoin cryptocurrency logo.

The Bitcoin anti-stress ball is a perfect gift for every nerve.

Soft, foam, ideal for crushing, strangling or throwing. Made of polyurethane, it is suitable not only for anti-stress therapy, but also for strengthening the wrist and forearm muscles - which is especially useful in manual work. It will also be used when playing with children or home pets - it is light and resistant to deformation. Are you going to the stock market and the course is playing pranks again? Do not throw a laptop, throw the ball!


Weight 30g
Diameter 60mm
Colour orange
Material polyurethane
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

It is also possible to buy larger quantities of balls at promotional prices - we invite you to individual contact or department


Bitcoin? What is that?

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new type of money using peer-to-peer technology. There is no owner or central control here - all users are equal, in contrast to, for example, the general banking system, where there is a client-manager relationship. The source currency code is open and available to everyone. Transactions are made without intermediaries such as banks and are instant. Additionally, you can send them to any place on earth with access to the Internet.


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