Cryptosteel Mnemonic

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Cryptosteel Mnemonic

Cryptosteel Mnemonic - combining versatility with ease of use and supplying all you need to back up your BIP39 cryptocurrency seed with no third-party involvement.

It’s designed to withstand house fire, flood, electrical shock, extreme temperatures (up to 1200 C) and humidity (corrosion resistance).

The Cryptosteel Mnemonic set contains one double-sided stainless steel Cryptosteel cold-storage wallet capable of holding 24 four-digit mnemonics total, as well as over 245 uppercase letter tiles, optimised and part-randomised for maximum ease of use and security. Blank tiles are included to facilitate three-letter mnemonic words.

  • Double sided – each side can hold 12 Mnemonics
  • 24 Mnemonics in total – each side can hold up to 48 tiles, 96 free tiles slots in total
  • Over 245 letter tiles
  • Plus some empty letter tile for 3 letter long mnemonics words.

Unit “MNEMONIC” is Master Mnemonic Seed BIP39 Ready. This Cryptosteel can be used as an “eternal backup” for TREZOR, Ledger, Keepkey, Safe- T mini, Electrum, Exodus Wallet, or any other BIP39 HD wallet.


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