These Regulations specify all terms of the Affiliate Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"). between FlyingAtom.Shop and persons or organizations (hereinafter referred to as the User) participating in the Program. A person or entity who will use the referral link to the FlyingAtom.Shop online store and make a purchase of the product (s) at www.FlyingAtom.Shop is hereinafter referred to as the "Customer".

  1. Joining the Program
    1. To join the Program, you must register at www.FlyingAtom.Shop in the Affiliate Program tab and accept the Regulations or if you are already a registered customer, in the Your Account tab select the option Join as a partner.
    2. FlyingAtom.Shop reserves the right not to include in the Program Users intending to promote FlyingAtom.Shop on inappropriate sites. Inappropriate websites are those that are dedicated to children, promote pornographic content and violence, are discriminatory in terms of race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age; promotes legally prohibited activities, violates intellectual property rights or violates the image of
    3. An application that will be rejected can be re-submitted. If it is accepted and later prohibited content appears on it, FlyingAtom.Shop reserves the right to exclude such User from the Affiliate Program.
  2. Rights and obligations of the owner of the Affiliate Program
    1. FlyingAtom.Shop provides the User with reference links and referral codes.
    2. Subject to the terms and conditions of these Regulations, the User may send these links and codes to potential Clients, or place them in any places on their websites.
    3. FlyingAtom.Shop will register the User's Clients and track their activity at www.FlyingAtom.Shop. Information about purchases made at www.FlyingAtom.Shop will be displayed in the User panel - Your account .
    4. By creating an account on FlyingAtom.Shop, the User agrees to comply with the Regulations in force on it.
    5. FlyingAtom.Shop reserves the exclusive right to change the regulations after notifying the User by email or by posting an appropriate message on www.FlyingAtom.Shop. Changes may include, inter alia, commission rates, payment procedures, and Program policies. If any of the introduced changes is unacceptable to the User, he has the right to withdraw from the Program at any time. Staying in the Program means accepting changes.
  3. Rights and obligations of the program participant
    1. The user will actively and effectively promote FlyingAtom.Shop to maximize its own profits and FlyingAtom.Shop.
    2. The user will only use such measures that do not violate applicable law and will positively affect the company's image.
    3. FlyingAtom.Shop will not award commissions to Users with incorrect or incomplete information in the reference link. Links may not be placed in unwanted emails (spam), unauthorized posts, chat rooms or through the use of bots. The results obtained in a manner inconsistent with these regulations will not be subject to commission calculation.
    4. The user bears all costs resulting from promoting FlyingAtom.Shop to his Clients.
    5. The User will not create, publish, distribute any materials relating to FlyingAtom.Shop without first submitting them to FlyingAtom.Shop and obtaining authorization.
  4. Commissions
    1. The commission will be paid by FlyingAtom.Shop User if the customer who registered on www.FlyingAtom.Shop using the reference link or referral code received from the User will purchase the products.
    2. The commission is 3% of the total purchase amount - excluding shipping costs.
    3. If you buy products from the "Hardware Wallets" category, the commission is 1% of the total amount of products purchased in this category.
    4. For "mixed" purchases, ie "Hardware wallets" + other categories, the commission is calculated as follows: 1% of the total amount of products purchased in the "Hardware wallets" category + 3% of the total amount of other products (excluding shipping costs)
    5. Commissions are not billed to accounts with "Wholesaler" status.
    6. The commission will be charged to the User when the order fulfillment status is changed to "Delivered".
    7. Information on the amount of commission due is located after logging in at www.FlyingAtom.Gold, in the My account - Partner account tab.
    8. Commission payments
      1. Payments will be made to the User's account indicated in the My Partner Account - Payment Method tab.
      2. Payments will be made in PLN currency - the minimum one-off payment amount is PLN 50. The payment of the commission will be made up to the 15th day of the next month, starting from the date of the withdrawal by the User.
      3. The User is entitled to life-long commission collection from all purchases of the Client he / she orders in the FlyingAtom.Shop store, as long as he remains an active User.
      4. In order to pay the commission, the User is obliged to submit withdrawal instructions via his account and also to fill out the Account which is Annex No. 1 to the Regulations.
      5. The invoice should be sent to the email address: The template for filling the invoice is Attachment 2 to the Regulations.
      6. Keeping the original of the Account belongs to the User - Flyingatom.Shop is not responsible for its non-observance. A copy of the Account sent to the email address is stored for a period of 24 months from the moment of receipt by email. In order to provide a copy of the Account, please contact Flyingatom.Shop via email or hotline.
    9. Rules for participation in the Affiliate Program and resignation from participation
      1. Membership of the Program begins with confirmation of admission to the Users that the User receives for the e-mail address provided during registration in the Program.
      2. You may opt out of participating in the Program at any time. FlyingAtom.Shop has the right to exclude a User from the Program without prior notice, if the User breaks any of the provisions of the Regulations.
      3. The User is entitled to unpaid commissions from the period of participation in the Program, however, he is not entitled to any commissions calculated after his exclusion from the Program.
      4. FlyingAtom.Shop has the right to exclude a User from the Program who violates the provisions of these Regulations, in particular those contained in par. I point 2)
    10. Pages' mutual relations
      1. FlyingAtom.Shop and the User are independent Parties and none of the provisions of these Regulations establishes a partnership, franchise, representation or employment relationship between them.
      2. The user has no authority to make or receive any proposals on behalf of FlyingAtom.Shop
      3. FlyingAtom.Shop is not responsible for tax settlements created on the part of the User due to participation in this Program - the User fulfills the tax obligation himself.
    11. Guarantees
      1. FlyingAtom.Shop is not responsible for the consequences of any interruptions or errors occurring at www.FlyingAtom.Shop.
      2. Applicable law
        1. All disputes regarding this Program will be resolved by the District Court in Wrocław.
        2. By submitting the application to the Program, the Participant also agrees to the provisions of these Regulations. If you have any questions, please contact us at